Meet Sioux

Hi, I'm Sioux!

creator of the Little Cruisers

I created the Little Cruisers in hopes of spreading kindness, joy, and light all around the world. I hope that by receiving the Little Cruisers monthly comic, you can find a smile on your face, joy in your heart, and feel the love and happiness all around you. More about our mission below.

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Our Mission

Welcome to The Little Cruisers. I'm so glad you found us! I would love to share with you the Story of how we got started. I created The Little Cruisers in 2015. It began with handmade wooden Cruisers and then grew into monthly comics that brought each wooden toy to life! I designed each Cruiser character with the sincere hope of spreading kindness and joy to children around the world. God has put it on my heart to create wholesome content for children and spread light in a world that is increasingly sending the wrong messages to children. Many families may not be aware of the harmful and inappropriate messages that are pushed toward children daily to see, hear and learn through media. My dream is to see The Little Cruisers be a positive force of good for as many readers as possible while keeping our children's innocence protected. Since our launch, we have sent out almost 100k monthly comics in the mail to children all over the world. The Little Cruisers were born to spread the message that entertaining content can be clean, wholesome, and uplifting, all while learning some of life's most important values.

There is something special about receiving a letter in the mail with your name on it. I love receiving letters from so many happy parents and children who love reading our comics. It makes my mission even more meaningful, knowing we are accomplishing what we set out to do: Spread joy! I believe that childhood should be a time of developing a sense of wonder and curiosity, all while keeping young minds free of the not-so-good in the world for as long as we can. Wonderful content shouldn't be hard to find for our kids! I hope that by receiving the Little Cruisers monthly comic, you find a smile on your child's face and know that they are filling their minds with uplifting messages, meaningful learning, and, most importantly, clean content!