• Meet Frankie,

    Frankie is intuitive and curious. He has a passion for solving cases and getting to the bottom of things! Whether it's an urban legend or someone's missing their favorite pet, he will solve the case! When Frankie isn't solving cases, he loves playing his guitar, writing stories, and hanging out with his friends.

  • Meet Louise,

    Louise is creative and outgoing! She loves to paint and dress up. When she is not picking out her favorite dress or hat, she plays her favorite sport, soccer. She is the best soccer player in all of Axelton. Sometimes she even goes on adventures with Trudy to try things she's never done before.

  • Meet Archie,

    Archie loves to cook! He writes to all his friends on a recipe card from his kitchen. Archie especially loves sharing food and teaching his friends to cook! Sometimes he writes about the fun adventures he and his friends go on. Most of all, he loves helping out Trudy with her bake sales by making her cupcakes and cookies to sell! 

  • Meet Trudy,

    Trudy is very adventurous and optimistic! She loves trying new things. Whether skating for the first time or going in a hot air balloon, she's up for it all. She has a special list that she writes all the things she would like to try! When she goes on a new adventure, she takes her good friend Louise to go with her. She loves to dance and be a ballerina. On occasion, she sets up her bake sale stand and sells baked goods to everyone in Axelton!

  • Meet Nelson,

    Nelson is known best for his caring nature! He is generous and smart. He loves to go fishing down at Axelton park and play his favorite sport, baseball! He love's helping his friends and everyone in Axelton. He helps out in Archie's kitchen and helps as an assistant detective with Frankie on some of his cases. He is always up for adventure with his friends!