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Inbox Comic

Inbox Comic

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Pre Order Now for delivery starting February 10th!

We are excited to announce our new "Inbox Comic" that includes "Read Time with Sioux"! Not only will you receive our fun-filled wholesome comic, but you will also get to read along with Sioux! Read time with Sioux is a fun way to follow along as Sioux reads each month's new comic on video. It's a great way to practice reading while joining in for some storytime fun!!

What's Included:
-Digital Copy of Comic
-Read Time with Sioux (exclusively for inbox comic subscription)

While receiving a Little Cruisers comic in the mail is thrilling, it's not always possible in a rapidly changing, digital world.

Each month, open your email to find your Little Cruisers comic delivered in a neatly composed digital PDF, along with a link to read time with Sioux.
For those that are always on the move, live in an area that can't receive mail, or are simply trying to cut down on paper waste. This is the perfect option for you.

Creating a digital version of the Little Cruisers comic has allowed us to pack in even more fun! You'll receive your first digital letter immediately after purchase and each month after that on the 10th. Cancel or modify your subscription at any time.
Reading your comic on a monitor or tablet is recommended so you can see the details and all the silly smiles!

*The duplication, distribution, or resale of intellectual content without the consent of the artist is illegal and will result in legal action pursuant to intellectual property rights. Please refrain from sharing my artwork with those that have not purchased it.

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